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represented at Giza and many other pyramid complexes...
Look no further....because..

In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza, is the #1 book on the Worldwide Pyramid Phenomenon! Explaining Everything! It is the best book on Worldwide Pyramids, since the pyramids!

This, has not been suitably explained, and is not as simple as we think it to be. I was determined to find what it's all about!


  • Giza represents a temple from an older civilization than mere 'Egyptian' Gods: The Egyptian Civilization of the Giza pyramids had religious ideas which were partly a hybrid of "Old Europe's" religious ideas, deriving from the Vinca, with other African, Asian and indigenous ideas.

  • The number THREE is very special at Giza, including the use of three `queens'(?) pyramids each for the Khufu and Menkaura pyramids. The three Giza pyramids are possibly or even likely a representation of the neolithic Triple Goddess, also known as the Great Goddess, responsible for the triple attributes of Birth, Death, and Ressurection, with each pyramid as a different aspect. She assisted in childbirth and fertility = TRINITY WORSHIP, which the Latin/Greek/Levant religions inherited and introduced into Christianity.

  • The cult which remained at Giza became the cult of the Goddess Isis, in Roman times. This is the major deity of Giza, derives from the Stone-Age, earlier 'Triple Goddess' whose name we do not know. In her Egyptian form she may have been hybridized with what we know of Egyptian goddesses.

  • The pyramids are not really burial chambers, but permanent resting places of the gods and their goddess consorts, built to center them in Egypt, forever. It 'forces' them to reside in Egypt, perhaps in competition with other less-spectacular mounds found elsewhere, and provide fertility for all the land. A comprehensive mythology exists describing earth gods living in mounds, from Buddha to Merlin, which is found across Eurasia. The lost tombs of the Egyptian Kings would however be located nearby. This explains the 'paradox' of no burials in any Egyptian pyramid, and in other huge pyramids and mounds around the world.

  • As pointed out by Robert Temple, the Sphinx was originally probably a dog in form: (a good clue!) favourite and inseparable animal of the Triple Goddess! The extinction time of this Old Religion around 2500 BC in Europe corresponds to the decline in pyramid building, (worldwide and in Egypt) after the third millennium BC. Interesting coincidence?

  • The Khufu dynasty were possibly inheritors of some form of Eurasian mound worship. Herodotus points out that Khufu did not approve of the Egyptian Gods. Menkaura, the final worker on the site of Giza, supposedly reverted to the Egyptian gods, and in fact he left his component of the work at Giza incomplete.

  • Conclusion: Giza is... TRINITY WORSHIP. That is, a triple temple and home of the fertility Triple Goddess, Stone Age deity, same as fertility mounds in Eurasia! The tombs-for-kings theory presumably arose because it took each pyramid a king's lifetime to build!

    The REAL solution to the Worldwide Pyramid Problem, and also the COMMON LOST... RELIGION OF MANKIND, which also, like Christianity, but long before, worshipped a 'holy trinity'!

    Primary Conclusion:

    This means.... the points above ALSO point to an EARLIER, LOST CIVILIZATION which is unknown, (but we can speculate), which PRECEDED Egypt, from where the pyramid builders migrated! This is also the earlier origin of Christianity, Yahweh. It is the religion of Babel.

    Find out Everything you need to know about the earlier mythology behind Yahweh, and Jesus!

    Ok, so why are current theories about pyramids wrong?

    Exhibit A: Current Giza theories are insular and incomplete, ignoring tribal migrations and the nearby Eurasian religion of the Indo-Europeans and (not so near) Amerindians, great mound and pyramid builders with something unknown in common

    I agonised for a while over the title, eventually deciding that this was the most appropriate one for the book's content. It was while travelling in foreign countries that I noticed that something was horribly, terribly wrong about our interpretation over what pyramids were, to ancient people. I wanted to come up with my own definition, which would satisfy me, ticking off all the relevant criterea. Some of these existing pyramid interpretations are all rather insular, basically ignoring some clearly related evidence from `outside' a specific culture. What are cultures anyway, and how do they develop? What makes them change?

    Exhibit B: Current Giza theories ignore pyramid ritual and mound lore from outside Egypt

    Use of the term `pyramid texts' to describe 5th-dynasty documents found inscribed in pyramids associated with the decline of pyramid building in Egypt skews the point of seeking to discover the inspiration for the building of pyramids. Useful as such documents are, they do not explain the significance of Giza.

    The book will contain various fascinating theories, not previously expounded, which I hope will shake up the foundations of a few established ideas, (and even the foundations of some new and radical ideas regarding pyramids, worldwide, though it complements several of them quite well!) which I feel do not take into consideration the realistic widespread diffusion of stone-age peoples, and their cultures. I feel this is a neglected key to understanding the worldwide pyramid phenomenon. The increasing awareness, by the 1990s, that almost all stone-age cultures built pyramids, was one of the sensations of the century, relegated to obscure publications due to the interdisciplinary nature of the approach required to tackle the problem. Pyramids are not originally of what we now know of the Egyptian religion. The idea was brought from elsewhere, subsequently integrated.

    Egyptologists have tried, for instance, to understand pyramids in terms of the Egyptian religion. This is rather difficult undertaking, and there is not a lot to draw upon. Then we must consider that pyramids were being built at the same time over in Sumer (Iraq), whose people had a whole host of very different deities to worship. Ziggurats were being built for instance, for the worship of a moon goddess, unknown in Egypt. Highly specialised books dedicated to Egyptian pyramids tend to neglect parallel developments over in Sumer, and elsewhere. Clearly we seem to be dealing with a mysterious religion which sprang up, in an unknown place, well before the dawn of Egyptian, and Sumerian history.

    Exhibit C: Top Giza theorists such as Hawass and Lehner are aware of solar and resurrection worship at Giza

    ... but are unable to elaborate in any significant detail about the pyramid religion itself! Instead, many concentrate upon the mummification ritual, even if we are not aware of any human burials in pyramids. What we see in Egypt, Sumer and elsewhere, are but the remnant vestiges of this earlier understanding, mixed with native cultural, intellectual and religious ideas, which provided the independence necessary for each culture to formulate their own engineering techniques, worship centers, and general ideas of what a pyramid should look like, and what function they are supposed to have performed.

    Aug, 15, with a second proof copy, plus Jason Statham beard = win!


    In my book, I have come to a conclusion which satisfies myself regarding what is going on at Giza, and it fits in with what we know about other primordial mythologies, outside of Egypt, where pyramids were built.

  • Egyptian pyramids are the local version of a mound cult which spanned Ireland to Brazil.

  • The Giza pyramids are the latest and greatest structures on their site, but not the first.

  • The Giza pyramids are the last desperate cry of a cult which was going out of fashion while they were being built.

  • The Sphinx represents a dog and its cult was becomming extinct elsewhere by the time the Pyramids were built, to be replaced by the lion.

  • The Three Giza pyramids are a temple to the three time-dependent aspects of the Neolithic Triple Goddess. The dog (the Sphinx) was her consort. She was there to assist the dead with resurrection, as well as to protect fertility in Egypt, promoting stability.

  • The Kings are presumably buried on site, possibly in the adjoining royal mastaba cemetary. This resolves the paradox of two types of burial at the same time, pyramid and mastaba. Khufu may have been buried in a nearby shaft, as suggested by Herodotus.

  • I would hope that my book goes a little way towards providing a new foundation, for future work, towards what pyramids were really perhaps all about, originally anyway, or at least one of the major reasons for their construction. The aim is to establish the notion of migratory hunter gatherers, moving around and settling down before the dawn of history, in about 3100 BC. These proto-agricultural people had not quite done with their migratory ways. Huge climatic changes between the end of the Ice Age and the dawn of history, and subsequent movements, forced the design of pyramids according to varying ideologies, but with environmental and material limitations.

    Naturally, I try to investigate the old gods of this period, approximately 6000-3000 BC, from whatever anthropological material is available, and suggest which gods were worshipped in possible pyramid ceremonies, when, and why.

    I hope you will enjoy reading my book. I have certainly put a lot of work into it.

    For more information, please see the link above.

    Casting Old Light on New Riddles (Ancient Mysteries Blog)


    1. Marija Gimbutas, The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, University of California Press, 1982.

    2. Kos, Charles, In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza, Plus Ultra Books, 2015.
      (My quest for a proper explanation of Giza, with conclusions)

    3. Temple, Robert, The Sphinx Mystery, Inner Traditions, 2009.
      (The first book to reveal the Sphinx as dog)

    Biographical note...

    Name: Charles Kos. Jobs: Author (of the 'Best Book Ever' on the Worldwide Pyramid Phenomenon), publisher, historian, tourism entrepreneur. I completed a PhD, Remembering the Outlaw in Medieval England: The emegence of the Robin Hood legend, was accepted in July 2014. It basically identifies a point of origin for the Robin Hood mythology, in terms of a historical character, who might be termed an early 'Robin Hood.' In my 20s, I have run in two local council elections, including notable gains against an incumbent mayor, while finishing several university degrees. In my 30s, I run two successful businesses, (so far!) including a fun-oriented historical tour business, trying to bring history to life for tourists, in an enthusiastic manner: Red Coat Tours Always looking out for a fun challenge, I have also started a book publisher, under which I published my first title, for those interested in getting their work 'out there', which may concentrate upon historical, or obsolete titles. Plus Ultra Books!


    Wanting to get to the bottom of the 'Giza mystery,' I have very proudly written my 'magnum opus', the 'last word' on Egyptian pyramids, (possbily the best book out there on worldwide pyramids) but also a first word in a new field. Here is why. In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza, basically proves, via weight of evidence, that the Giza pyramids are more likely to be a representation of the 'Holy Trinity' triple aspect of the far older Neolithic Triple Goddess, built and improved over three generations of rulers, rather than large tombs for three kings. (mistakenly believed to be the internal pyramid chambers in which case they would not actually accord with Old-Kingdom burial practice).

    Hobbies: I have always been been very much into History (Robin Hood!) and ancient history, as well as mysteries. (ancient and modern) A major hobby is writing and reading, as well as playing music. I enjoy fiddling with the telescope to look at planets sometimes (but not for a while!), microscope and real life Ancient-Egyptian Alchemy, (cement making, playing with natron salt) without the `magical' bits. (This was my hobby last year, 2015!) I have sometimes been described as having: 'Red Bull instead of Blood', and my personal motto is every day 'be a champion, in one or more things, push yourself to a new accomplishment'.

    Completed education:
    B.Sc, B.A (hons), PhD., the OFFICIAL BOOK WEBSITE
    My Ancient Mysteries blog (Important link!)
    My book on Amazon. Kindle also avail! 'buy a copy!'
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    Photos: Travel and Assorted

    Me standing with Medb's tomb in a remote part of Ireland, mid 2014. Absolutely remarkable! An 11 meter high `pyramid' on top of a mountain. I was struck by a similarity with the Bible quote about needing to build a tower close to God. What's the old `Babel' religion doing in Ireland? It turns out that rather than a scenario of diffusion of myth from the Middle East, the Bible somehow intercepted, recorded and interpreted Stone-Age Eurasian myth, lost elsewhere.


    Hill of Tara, eat your heart out! This is the real deal right here, and not another tourist in sight! I am at the Stone-Age wonderland of Knocknarea in a remote and mythological part of Ireland. I was so taken with the similarities on this plateau, with what is going on at Giza, that I decided to research and write a book on the origin of pyramids. This was in order to get to the bottom of the pyramid mystery. It is entitled `In Search of the Origin of Pyramids, and the Lost Gods of Giza.'It contains some very startling conclusions. (See Below!)

    Me at my graduation, 2014. This was the best day of my life! All us Phds sat up on stage during the graduation, in pride of place!


    Me, circa 2012, in my version of an Indy hat. I used to wear this for photos due to my losing hair. Of course you walk into remote villages wearing this and people stare quite a lot.

    Me in 2014, Exploring a stone-age tomb at Bru na Brinne, Ireland. The tomb dates from about 3200 BC. Ireland is jam-packed with absolutely fascinating people, and fascinating tourists.



    Many ruined monasteries have these little `secret areas' where the curators stow away all the old bits and pieces! Sometimes these are from the previous religious structure and can surprisingly include ancient gods and dark-ages depictions of religion.

    Any Questions... anything at all?

    Contact would be much appreciated!

    Articles: (books in bold)

  • Kos, Charles, Robin Hood: Between Myth and History, (Honours Dissertation), 2007.

  • Discoveries and new insights on the Robin Hood legend.

  • Kos, Charles Robert, Remembering the outlaw in Medieval England: the emergence of the Robin Hood legend, Thesis (Doctorate), Monash University. Faculty of Arts. School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies, 2014.

  • Further information and discoveries on the Robin Hood legend.

  • Kos, Charles, In Search of the Origin of Pyramids, And the Lost Gods of Giza, Plus Ultra Books: Melbourne, 2015.

  • A new paradigm on pyramids and the BEST worldwide pyramid book yet written, which takes the reader on a world journey, and explains their purpose! We then apply the principles learned to the Giza plateau, where a surprise is in store! Three Giza pyramids = Orion Correlation = Trinity Worship Purchase now

  • Kos, Charles, "Aboriginal Archaeoastronomy", Crux, Dec/Jan 2015, 5-7. (Astronomy club magazine)

    Investigations of sites of archaeoastronomy in central west Victoria. In particular the earth rings at Sunbury, now shown to have possible archaeastronomical purpose, as well as at a volcano site, site of an ancient stone circle!

  • Kos, Charles, "English Medieval Monks Could have calculated Longitude by Eclipse. Why didn't they?", Crux, Apr/May 2016, 6-8. (Astronomy club magazine)

    Explaining that the proximity of to England in terms of Longitude to the university of Toledo did not allow enough hourly deviation in eclipses to formulate a new model of the globe's dimensions. Once we sailed out towards America, hourly deviation of lunar eclipses allowed an approximate of the true size of the Earth.

  • Kos, Charles, "High-power magnifiers: Would they have been useful to ancient scientists and engineers? Did they use them?", Microbehunter Magazine (Issue 53), 2016.

    In this article, I discuss my experiments with geopolymer (possibly pyramid stone?) as well as some speculation that early glass sphere microscopes yielding high magnification might have been used by ancient engineers. LINK to online mag! Microbe Hunter

  • Kos, Charles, "UFOs and their Motion, Understood by Electric Universe and Astronomy?", UFOLOGIST Vol. 20 No. 4, November-December, 2016.

    In this article, I explain my theory of the UFO phenomenon as a kind of natural ball lightning, with astronomy analogy. The implications are that ball lightnings, (larger versions resemble many UFOs, are subsets of stellar phenomena, according to the Plasma Cosmological Model (Hans Alfven, Nobel Prize physics: 1970) There is an ascending energy ladder operating in the universe, similar objects, none of them totally understood: which we can mathematically scale upwards: similar phenomena, ghost orb, ball lightning, UFO, planet (under our crust), Star.

  • Select Blog Articles

    Is the Meidum Pyramid, the collapsed tower of Babel?

    Here I discuss a rather interesting theory I came up with!


    This is my article on EARTH IMPLOSION THEORY, something I am very recently excited about, as a way of explaining many anomalies of the past

    Giza Trinity Theory

    This is my article on GIZA TRINITY THEORY.

    Personal mission

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    I am interested in bringing history to the people, in an interesting and engaging manner. I run my own tours operation, Red Coat Tours in this respect. Currently setting a new trend, as I am running a free walking tour, possibly the first free historical walking tour in Melbourne. We also run a Theatrical Ghost Tour.

    Research Interest: redefining historical ideas

    A main interest, apart from family, friends and hobbies, is doing research, in a few different areas. I love to discover new things written in diverse books, and then correlate the information. There is so much that we do not know, in every field, because people have not had the time to research and make discoveries. Time is far more precious than money. Lack of time leads to lack of discovery.

    There are so many ancient-mysteries authors out there who have an inkling that there is more to be discovered regarding our magnificent world, that we are not aware of the whole story. They are, obviously, right. I would love to contribute to this field, but to do so in a way which contributes new information and awareness of our deeply ancient and remarkable past.

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