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On Youtube

I have two main youtube channels

1) My Big, Main channel, "Charles Kos", has been a great success!

Charles Kos

I really enjoy reading books in every field, so soon I would like to make some videos to promote some fascinating alternate theories I have read about. In my PhD work, I came to the realisation that with the presentation of new evidence, freely available, a whole entire theory can be overturned, yet in a way which reflects other existing paradigms. Sometimes `paradigm shift' is not necessary. We just need `information shift,' to advance the knowledge of our civilisation.

2) 'The Blokey Gent'

The Blokey Gent is a Youtube Influencer of mensware, with fans worldwide. You can send me products (to keep I hope as a reward!) to review or do other deals with me, as I tell your subscribers all about your awesome, incredible product! (If it is awesome and incredible, I am also known for my integrity, but I am sure it is and am a very fair reviewer!) Simply email me on:

Take me to... the BLOKEY GENT on YOUTUBE!

If you contact me I will let you know my P.O. Box, which is located in Australia. =)

...Which brings me to....PATREON!

Like what I do? Support me on Patreon and check out articles ten days before everyone else! This is basically just a VLOG of new discoveries stating why current interpretations are wrong!

Obsolete Channels:

I have been on youtube for a long time but deleted a couple old channels, except for a few. In other instances, Youtube changed ownership and my login no-longer worked and could not remember the old email I had used to open the account in the first place, so could no longer log in!

I have read many theories which I feel have not been given a fair airing because they are located in inaccessible, technical, or rare books rather than in a more popular format, like a video. For this reason I would like to make certain videos about them.

A Second Channel which is about Intuition and knowledge, and also alternate science! It is called "Hyperlife"


On another channel, `top ten,' I was going to make videos reflecting the top ten in everything. Stay tuned!
UPDATE. Ok here it is, a channel with a slightly tongue and cheek set of vids on some top ten phenomena. :)
UPDATE 2017, Obviously I no longer use this channel!

Chuck's Top Ten

I started a cars channel, call 'vr00m', which I abandoned, since I find cars sort of boring, to be honest, this is before I conceived the idea of having a youtube channel dedicated to Ancient Mysteries, which has become a roaring success!


Testimonials Re my main channel, 'Charles Kos'!

Ok here are some random comments I received! I like these:


"I'll admit man first vids i seen of yours was you showing pics of the stone walls in Peru and I thought this guy is pretty smart he knows his shit. This was I guess little over year ago. Then I seen your road trip with some chic and you went looking for the spook light and king Solomon s copper mines. I think same video and then I thought well the Solomon's mines thing is a stretch but it's cool this guy is out there looking for answers but he might be a little ambitious. Then I went down the rabbit hole with you and I was sure yep this guy shoots more shit than a dodo gun BUT I didn't write you off cause I thought I don't care if he is crazy as hell I really like his wacky personality he seems like a great spirited dude even if his idea of our past is so far from likely. THEN all of a sudden I can't remember which video it don't really matter I guess something either clicked or broke in my brain cause I realised holy shit this guy just might be the only guy getting shit right. I mean that with all sincerity too man. I hope your channel grows and grows man and don't ever loose your super upbeat positive comedic style. I want to see Dr Charles Kos being interviewed and giving those disclosed truth zohar star gate lectures with Graham Hancock. Your on your way man. Sorry I thought you were crazy for a bit but I didn't really know anything other than the tid bits of bull crap I was fed in school long ago and what I "learned" from national geographic and what not."
(I like this one it's pretty cool!)

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