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UFOs Explained

UFOs, are they real or fake? There is much going on atmospherically which has not been explained, pertaining to Sprites and over Above-Atmosphere clouds and other phenomena.

In the video below, I describe the existence of a COMET TAIL, trailing Earth, emerging from the Central Sun, which is what is inside the Earth. It's not described as a central sun in the conventional literature, yet that is JUST what it is! There is an emanation of UFO activity at 9pm, 12am and 3pm, which is fascinating! The link can be found here:

Vallee's Research

Of course that would include UFO-Orb phenomena. Sprites and other objects breaking off the magnetic field. I used Jacques Vallee's ideas, and research, to come up with a physical model and explanation for the UFO phenomena. In short, what might be occurring is that the magnetic field is being split, trigonometrically into three night-time waves based on the interaction of Earth-internal Sun and Real Sun in the splitting of photonic-magnetic beams based on the results of the double split experiment into Vallee's Triplet. I think i'm the first one to realise this, based on Vallee's work. He never actually conceptualised his observation of a night-time triplet as a tail emerging from the central Sun!

Implication for mythology, hauntings:

Mountaintops, forests and lakes are said to be haunted. This is rather interesting! Mountain tops might be explained thus: They, with their density and metal content, conduct magnetism through their structure and upwards! ENERGY shooting out of pyramids, eh? I have camped on top of mountains and the feeling is completely EERIE! How about Dyatlov Pass!

Check out the video here, with links included in the description!

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