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Confessions of the Gods

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The Synopsis

My new book is finally out! Confessions of the Gods! 😱 Does our history really start six thousand years ago?
Or was it rather interrupted? Ancient texts purporting to be from before the 'deluge' talk of terrific technologies which can only be interpreted through a modern scientific lens. Technologies which we even today do not possess... 🤔

Amazon Description

We propose a super-technology civilisation which came to an end seventy thousand years ago. After-which only relics of the high technology remained amidst a stone age world.... What emerges is talk of a war between two factions. The original scientific minds, and the Nephilim, a new type of man. 😱🤔 Who won... ?

The Book that will change the World. DEFINITIVE PROOF of an ancient SUPER-HIGH TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY.

We recall the lost pre-diluvian heritage of mankind! This occurred so long ago that all memory is forgotten… almost. Here is what happened RE: The full story of the nuclear war of 60,000 years ago! Our latest sensation and an instant classic which PAVES THE WAY FORWARD in the ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS GENRE!

In short, what occurred in our scenario is that before the Toba Eruption, seventy thousand years ago, there was a great super-civilization. Spaceships, solar-system wide and possibly interstellar travel. We suggest that ancient Biblical books which purport to record the pre-Diluvian era are actually recording the Pre-Toba Era. We analyse ancient books such as the Lost Book of Adam and Eve and Other ancient texts such as the Mahabharata to decipher the code of what actually happened.

It seems that history records that after the catastrophe, Giants rose up and attempted to reassert control. They were opposed by the Nephilim who had a more primitive technology. The giants reasserted control but after this the world again fell into chaos and loss of memory ensued…

This is the latest and greatest book by Youtube identity, Charles Kos.

This is what it's all about!

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