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My Theories

Check out my upcoming pyramids book: `In Search of the Origin of the Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza'

Below is one of the websites for the books, which is also a repository for all the videos that I put onto youtube, divided into various categories!""

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To explain current paradoxes, in the previous mass extinction, which wiped out the mammoths and other life forms! This requires a reassessment of just what the earth is capable of, but it's not inconsistent with the behaviour of stars, to actually change size, sometimes rapidly. The previous mass extinction is responsible, it would seem, for the rise of man. By 3000 BC there were enough of us to begin the record of history, and finally enter the copper/bronze age also.


Part 1

Part 2

This could also be termed, Holocene Implosion theory. I call these theories rather than hypotheses, as I feel these are the most likely explanations for the events which seem to have occured, based upon a wide variety of reading and other research, conventional(possibly true works) and non-conventional(also possibly true works).

Other Theories

There are other theories out there which are really important! Here is a video I made years ago on the Electric Sun:

Entropy might be a true force, but the conseuqnce of the second law has been applied to EVERYTHING, wrongly.

Discovery of the Location of the 2nd Sphinx! Yep! (Ur welcome!)

Proving the Extreme Antiquity of the Sphinx!

Australia as a DESTROYED CONTINENT, explaining this. This covers some of the possible reasons Australia looks like it does, and also a very novel (guaranteed!) explanation for what occured 250 MA.

Göbekli Tepe: archaeology not quite right

Latest Vid! PROVING the pyramids have been REWORKED from earlier structures for 10,000 years! I actually look at 1) Radiocarbon datings to show the pyramids are centuries older (ON THE INSIDE), ie we have worked with laters (explaining the paradox of how these came to be built, not suddenly but over generations) but also 2) Explaining how they can go back ten thousand years based upon being built upon a far earlier stepped platform which I date to SPHINX times.

All these structures are older than the Great Pyramid by ten thousand years!

The lost Australian Civilization. I have done HUGE work on this topic! I am guessing settled by Pacific Islanders.

Inside the NAZI TEMPLE OF DOOM!! (Not that bad!)

Did Hitler Have a NUKE? Some say yes!

What is it like to visit Stonehenge?

What is it like to visit Avebury?

What is it like to visit Newgrange?

We have a sort of 'Roswell' here in Victoria

Sun has Weather Belts, like other gas giants = Implications for Electric Universe Theory!

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