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On Youtube

On Youtube

I have several youtube channels. Soon I am going to make some interesting videos.

I really enjoy reading books in every field, so soon I would like to make some videos to promote some fascinating alternate theories I have read about. In my PhD work, I came to the realisation that with the presentation of new evidence, freely available, a whole entire theory can be overturned, yet in a way which reflects other existing paradigms. Sometimes `paradigm shift' is not necessary. We just need `information shift,' to advance the knowledge of our civilization.
I have read many theories which I feel have not been given a fair airing because they are located in inaccessable, technical, or rare books rather than in a more popular format, like a video. For this reason I would like to make certain videos about them.

My Main channel

Charles Kos

On another channel, `top ten,' I am going to make videos reflecting the top ten in everything. Stay tuned!
UPDATE. Ok here it is, a channel with a slightly tongue and cheek set of vids on some top ten phenomena. :)

Chuck's Top Ten

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