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Me on 1000 Faces Project in Stratford-Upon-Avon

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What is this strange statue? This is a replica of possibly `Swiatowid,' the four faced god, outside Wawel Castle. Otherwise known as the `Zburch Idol', this deity was dug out of a swamp in what is now Ukraine.
Swiatowid was said to have two faces looking backward, two forward. One can't help but notice that it also however, has characteristics of Brahma, the central god of the Aryans, said to have been a four faced God. Like Brahma, this statue certainly seems to represent 'world' as it contains representations of levels of heaven and Earth held up on the shoulders of various people on each side. It also has representations of a horse and sword, possibly making it a war god. There are also similarities with Siva worship in that it is a stone lingam. I have written about this god, a possible kind of monotheistic pantheon-in one, in my pyramids book: `In Search of the Origin of Pyramids, and the Lost Gods of Giza'.

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